At Capozzi Productions, we can bring higher visibility to your activity with a professionally produced, uplifting PSA. Make your good works known to a broader audience with PSA’s that will resonate and stimulate action. It is all in how your story is told. We have an uncanny ability to create visual concepts that communicate to your audience on a personal level.

Our professional team has an extensive background in TV and feature film production. This experience allows us to produce PSA assets that stand out above the rest in quality, inspiration, and the ability to create interest. Want to get your message across to a broader audience? Talk to us about what you envision, and the type of response you are hoping to get from your PSA. Our team works closely with you in a collaborative environment, functioning as your personal creative team.

A PSA that is impactful will tell a story that evokes an emotional response from the audience. As social activists ourselves, we have high interest in providing support to groups and activities that are working to better conditions. We pour our hearts and souls into this area of our video production work. The final product should build goodwill, and create a higher level of public interest in your projects and activities. We look to the future impact of every PSA we produce, rather than just on producing a quality video. Our approach is different in that we focus on the final outcome, and the effect it will have on potential donors and volunteers.

PSA Production at a Better Price

You want a quality video public service announcement, but the bottom line is always a concern. Many charitable groups have limited funds to invest in these crucial assets. We have developed a streamlined production process that allows PSAs to be created at a price in the range of fifty percent lower than the usual studio price, with no sacrifice of quality.

How We Do It

Our strategy grew out of our hard-won experience in the movie and TV industries. Every shoot has a critical path, and every detail is mapped out so that time is well-managed, and details fully under control. In order to bring savings to groups who need a PSA and have concerns about the bottom line, the shooting schedule will be shared with other clients so that costs are reduced through the sharing of resources. The clients sharing the shoot day have access to all of the professionals needed for the shoot, including the director, director of photography, hair and makeup, and other resources. Our process involves ensuring each client is fully prepared prior to the shoot day, and every aspect is managed down to the smallest detail. There will be no wasted time. We provide a confusion-free shoot, and a creative endeavor that is enjoyed by all who participate.

Your PSA or series of video assets will be delivered to you in formats suitable for both television and internet play. The web has become far more important in reaching a specific public than the traditional marketing of the past. Make your good works known to a wider audience by taking advantage of YouTube and other online video content platforms. Visibility online matters in the current culture, and our many years of producing video content that truly communicates gives us a distinct edge in PSA production.

Call us and speak with us about your project. We are interested in what you do, the audience you want to reach, and the impact you want to create on the culture. Talk to our creative team and let one of the best production companies in Los Angeles help you tell your story.


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.