Our premium video package is the ultimate in pro video production, from inception to final product. You’ll notice a significant difference in how we operate, from the first time we meet about your project. We listen – we care – and we deliver. We keep an eye to the future in every project, and offer the highest level of responsiveness to our clients. Video is the ideal storytelling medium, and we have mastered the art form. Every filming project is strategically planned to support and enhance your brand, and to instill motion and life into your current marketing strategy or sales initiative. Nothing is left to chance.

Professional Resources for Video Production in Los Angeles

We have a wide range of professional resources at hand when needed, including:

  • Pro Screenwriters
  • Ad Copywriters
  • Casting
  • Location Scouts
  • Props
  • Costuming

You may have a general concept, a fully completed script and cast, or your project lands somewhere in the middle. No matter where it stands in development, our team is ready to get to work, and to bring your vision to life. We make the entire process a distinct pleasure, from start to finish. You can expect concierge-quality personal service, and a collaborative process that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

As our team has a background in TV and feature film production, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, and never settle for less. Our Los Angeles video production company team uses state-of-the-art equipment so that your video asset stands out heads above the rest in production quality.

Drive Traffic with Video Assets that Inspire

Video assets have proven to be extremely effective in driving traffic to a website, business or other activity, and are a powerful tool to support traditional marketing initiatives. The goal is to captivate and convert. You have an objective, and our team works closely with you so that the final product speaks to your target audience, and is fresh and appealing. To make it happen takes talent, experience, and insight, and our years in feature film and TV production give us an edge in every aspect of product development.

Research shows that 61 percent of the top brands have imbedded video on their websites. It isn’t enough just to imbed a video – it must stand out from the rest, and have the elements that attract and motivate users to share or take action. That’s where we excel. We understand digital marketing, and our knowledge brings added value to each project.

Videos That Tell a Story That Resonates

Whether funny, moving, touching, outrageous, or serious, the video assets we produce always have the final outcome in mind. Need more conversions? Want to give your corporation a human face? Want to reach a market segment with specific interests? No matter what your goal, our inside knowledge and years in the business make it possible for your vision to be instilled with life, and to reach directly to your target audience. Expect to be part of a creative experience that is not only enjoyable, but results in an extraordinary end product.

Capozzi Productions is a video production company in Los Angeles that is truly “at the top of their game.” It takes more than just state-of-the-art equipment (which we have) to create a product that is voluntarily shared and shared again. Talk to us about your vision – we are your creative partners, and your goal is the driving force underlying all that we do for you.

Inspiration. Insight. Results.

We have the capacity to look at the “big picture” and devise a strategy for your video that engages. Audience response is a direct result of the visual and emotional impact of the video. Talk to us about your project, and find out how our professional video production team can help you get the response that makes a difference to your enterprise.


Videos Produced


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