As one of the top production companies Los Angeles has to offer, Capozzi Productions brings high-quality digital media to its clients. How many videos did you watch today? Digital platforms are loaded, second by second, with content from a multitude of sources, and across the globe. To produce high-impact social media videos that stand out takes inspiration and a profound understanding of both the medium and the market. It requires far more than just a well-shot video to trigger response – it takes insight, experience. It takes top Los Angeles digital media company Capozzi Productions.

Our Development Process

  • We are strategic in our approach to digital media assets. The first step involves concept development. Our goal is to identify the unique strategy that will support your brand, and enhance your current marketing initiatives with a fresh point of view.
  • The next step involves careful planning of every detail, which may include scripting, casting, locations, equipment needs, as well as other professional resources. Having shot thousands of videos, our process leaves nothing to chance, with every detail perfectly coordinated and planned.
  • The day, or days of the shoot are an exciting part of our process, and every camera angle and shot is carefully calculated for maximum viewer impact.
  • In post-production, your digital media video comes to life. The addition of graphics, text, music and the pro video editing process produces a seamless production that contains all the elements you envisioned during the creative process.

Reaching Out to Prospects with Digital Media

Your future customers, clients, and prospects are all out there, and they are online, looking for companies just like yours. They are buying products or services from the companies they researched online – who is winning? Looking for a larger market share? Digital media is your playing field.

Customer decisions are driven by several factors, including location, availability, and that X-factor – the emotional response to your online presentation. Digital media offers companies an effective way to connect with prospective customers. Old school marketing methodologies are falling by the wayside. Response is dwindling for companies that continue to present a stuffy, old school persona. It’s time to get personal – and change the face of your company so it communicates to the current market.

Look Before You Leap

Most of us know that there is no escape from the impact of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever next comes down the pike. The burning question is who to contact to produce the video assets that will drive more business to your door, your site, or increase conversion rate? Obviously, not every company with a video camera crew has the same qualifications.

We’d like to introduce you to the difference you will find at Capozzi Productions. We are not just out of film school – and we come from a TV and feature film production background. We are one of the top digital media companies Los Angeles has to offer. We are responsible for more than 8,500 products in just a few short years. Of course we use state-of-the-art equipment, and are fully capable of the technological magic that audiences expect – but our qualifications go above and beyond the obvious. Every digital media asset we produce is created with an eye to the future – our end product is RESPONSE.

How Do We Do It?

What makes us different from the rest? We operate with a unique philosophy. First, we are committed to providing every client with concierge-style service. Secondly, we focus on the future – and how the video will drive response, and inspire a commotion online. For a video product to resonate, it must have some original element that appeals to a large audience, whether funny, emotional, ridiculous, amusing, or even deadly serious.

Step one is to understand your target market. Step two is the creative process, our stock-in-trade. We collaborate with our clients, and work as a creative partner in our social media video productions. Have a concept? We can help you create a story that communicates. Already have the script? No problem. We supply whatever level of support will match your current needs.

Our years in the TV and motion picture industry bring added value to every project we shoot. Our hard-earned experience allows us to develop video assets that stand out in a saturated field. Take advantage of what we offer, and talk to us about your project. Our focus on the future and viewer response makes us one of the leading producers of digital media assets in the Los Angeles area. Call now.


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.