Visual training is cost-effective and gets better results than older methods of imparting information. For employee training, rather than forcing staff to sit through days of seminars, get the job done with a corporate video that retains attention. We live in a screen-dominated culture. A well-developed corporate video can be created to engage either an internal or external audience, and deliver your message in a response-driven format. With that in mind, look no further than Capozzi Productions for the top corporate video production Los Angeles has to offer.

Compliances, internal training videos, and educating all employees on your brand, mission, and culture can help your company avoid difficulties in the future. When presented in video form, training becomes more palatable and acceptable, and the message is much more likely to be heard.

Training Videos

New hires require less personal attention from HR and managers when training videos are used for onboarding. A corporate training video can be general, introducing culture and the mission of the corporation, overall expectations, and goals, or can train on specific work duties. Take advantage of the ability to train your employees, either en masse for compliance issues, or on an individual basis. Save valuable time with video productions that communicate the message in a manner that is palatable, entertaining, and capable of influencing the actions of your employees. Creating quality internal corporate videos – with the same production value of those produced for external sources – can pay off in a big way. Talk to us about creating training videos that can instill sense of purpose and result in better individual performance.

External Corporate Video Productions

Your corporation is different than any other. Corporate videos produced for an external audience should clearly communicate those differences. The answer is in telling the story in a manner that leads the audience to identify with the corporation on a personal level. At Capozzi Productions, we understand human nature, and the factors that must be present in a corporate video to reach deeper than the surface. Whether your video production is to seek investment, for tradeshows, or to introduce a new product, process, or service, our creative team is ready to get to work and help you create a corporate video that stands out heads above the rest. These video assets can be used for various corporate endeavors, and elevate the overall perception of corporate culture and brand.

How Our Process is Different

As one of the best production companies Los Angeles has to offer, we understand the importance of the bottom line, and have a streamlined process developed through our years in the TV and feature film industry. With every detail under control, your corporate video can be created in the timeframe you need, and at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Over our many years working in corporate video production in Los Angeles, we have acquired skills that are far beyond the ordinary. Of course we use only the most state-of-the-art equipment, but that is only one detail in our comprehensive professional process.

Step One: We meet with you to discuss your corporate video. No one knows your business better than you do. Many of our corporate clients have a strong marketing strategy in place, and come to us with a general overview of what is expected in the final product. As a creative team that collaborates on your corporate video project, we are formulating ideas to effectively impart your message to the intended audience.

Step Two: We enter the planning stage for the video shoot. Our professional production team has all the resources that could be necessary, from scriptwriting, to storyboarding, to props, locations, hair, make-up, and even aerial photography. No matter where your project stands, your shoot will be designed with exquisite attention to detail, as well as concierge-style service.

Step Three: The day (or days) of the shoot arrive, and everything is in place so it moves forward like clockwork. We leave nothing to chance, and our process is not only timesaving, it can be far more affordable — as it is completely organized, down to the tiniest detail.

Step Four: We deliver the corporate video for your approval. It isn’t that we are not humble – we are – but we can’t help but feel a great sense of pride in the response we get from our corporate clients when they view the final product.

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