We have entered a new age of advertising. TV and movies are now watched commercial-free, with a far smaller captive audience that is forced to sit through commercial messages. Marketers are scrambling to meet the challenge, and to participate in producing branded content. Corporations are now involved in a range of promotions to raise brand awareness, including sponsored web series and other forms of video-based storytelling. As a top Los Angeles production company, Capozzi Productions gives your corporation a human face and identity. Our experience makes us one of the most qualified companies in branded content Los Angeles has to offer.

Our Branded Content Strategy

Branded content must be fast loading on every mobile device, and engage instantaneously, whether by being amusing, visually gripping, ridiculous, or even deadly serious. Once the branded content asset is activated to play, it is essential that it captures imagination and motivates shares. There is no question that the advertising industry has been seriously disrupted. We are a leading video production company in Los Angeles, and have produced over 8,500 video assets since 2007. Need a pro to help you develop original branded content? Talk to us about your project.

Building Brand Support

Typically, a branded content strategy is developed with one clear objective – building brand support – rather than a direct pitch for a product or service. Doing the job with finesse requires inspiration and technical skill, and the rare ability to predict viewer response. That’s where our Los Angeles branded content production company stands out heads above the rest.

At Capozzi Productions, we are heavily involved in producing branded content for a varied range of companies and industries. Our extensive background in TV and feature film production gives us an edge in producing videos with broad appeal. Whether you come to us with the idea that you need a campaign, or you have a basic concept, a fully developed script and cast, or you are someplace in between – we are your creative partners for producing branded content that compels shares. We focus every action, from concept creation, to planning, coordination, shooting, and post-production upon eliciting a response.

Original Branded Content

Want your branded content to create the effect you envision? Our team understands what word-of-mouth means in the digital age – and how a campaign can entertain, be shared, and raise overall brand awareness. Look over our work, and you’ll discover a production company that has the unique ability to create concepts that strike directly at the heart of the intended audience. Bring your corporation into the new era of marketing – let us help you create a concept for your branded content video assets that will stand out in storytelling, production, and will stimulate an emotional response.

Our process differs from many other video production companies, as we have an extensive background in TV and feature film production, and an almost supernatural ability to predict the human response to video storytelling. Your corporation can become one of the leaders in the field by sponsoring an intriguing web series, or other branded content asset that communicates and inspires.

How it Works…

The first step is to speak with us about your branded content initiative. Our goal is to help you find a voice that communicates to a broad audience through visual storytelling. Every project is unique, and we don’t employ a cookie-cutter methodology. A real result requires true inspiration – and we work closely with our clients throughout every phase of development. We are your creative partners and co-conspirators, and you can except concierge-style service from our first meeting through to the final presentation of your completed project.

We can provide every element needed, from casting to locations, from sound stage to graphics that will enhance the effect created by your asset. Should your branded content video require special props or costuming, we have you covered. Nothing is left to chance – and the final product will possess the story, production value, and visual impact that is designed to inspire response.


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.