Ready to launch a product, project, or concept, but need to keep costs low? You are not alone. Capozzi Productions has answered the call, and offers a strategically-created basic video package that brings value, without sacrificing quality. We worked long and hard to develop our streamlined video production process to make it possible to cut costs, and produce high quality video that comes in at about 50 percent of the normal studio price.

A Strategic Approach to the Shoot: Los Angeles Video Production at Affordable Prices

Our basic video package never sacrifices quality. In order to meet our stringent criteria, we developed a method to restructure video production by sharing resources, with huge savings passed onto the client. Our Basic Package involves detailed planning and coordination. Several videos will be shot on the same day, on the same stage, and with a shared pro video crew, director of photography, make-up artists, hair, and other resources. Sharing a shoot day cuts costs to the client by about 50 percent. The entire shoot is managed down to the smallest detail, so that the process proceeds as designed.



Step One: Let’s Meet.
In every creative endeavor, communication is the key. The first step is to meet with you and discuss your concept, and collaborate with you on in making your vision a reality – while keeping costs low, and without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Step Two: The Strategy
In order to develop a standout video asset and minimize the costs involved, we employ a strategic approach. Your video shoot will have every detail coordinated, so that the sharing of professional resources provides you with the quality product you anticipate, while leading to savings of about 50 percent.

Step Three: The Day of the Shoot
Your shoot will be managed with an unconditional attention to detail, so it runs smoothly. Sharing resources means big savings, and several clients will be participating on the day of the shoot. Vital production resources such as director of photography, video crew, stage, makeup, hair and others are serving each client participating in the process. Enjoy the savings that our Basic Video Package brings you – and you’ll be remarkably proud of the final result. Your video asset will be produced with the same eye on production quality that you would expect if you were the sole client.

Step Four: Post-Production
In post-production, your vision becomes a reality. We never cut corners in creating a final version of your video asset. Although you are enjoying a dramatically reduced price, the final product will be created with the impressive production skills for which we are known.

Delivery and Approval:
Your video asset is delivered to you, with your final approval, ready for launch. Watch what happens – our visual storytelling goes above and beyond in engagement and response.

Read our menu of Packages and Additional Services for your video project. Talk to us about your project – we are ready to get to work and produce your video at prices of about half of the studio rates.


More about Our Packages

Social Lift-off

Social media videos raise your online profile, and fortify your brand recognition. Our experience in this medium has given us deep insight into how to create powerful social media video products that captivate attention, driving your message directly to the heart of your target market.

Rocket Launch

Social media videos raise your online profile, and fortify your brand recognition. Our experience in this medium has given us deep insight into how to create powerful social media video products that captivate attention, driving your message directly to the heart of your target market.

Jet Stream

Our best value program, the Jet Stream Program includes both the Social Lift-Off and Rocket Launch services, as well as three variations of your General or Explainer Video, each developed specifically for use on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These videos are professionally shot on a sound stage, and the package includes a graphics/animation package of your logo -- and text, if needed – to support your brand or message.

*All packages can be based on time rather than the type or amount of products delivered.


Location ShootOur crew comes to your location and films *B-roll footage, for inserts or the entire shoot at your business location. (*B-roll is additional footage of appropriate content to insert into what was shot at the stage to enhance and tell your story.)

*Package price applies + plus permit fee, if needed.
MusicQuote based on project, original music vs stock music. Costs vary.GET A QUOTE
Voice Over$100 - $400 per hour depending on projectGET A QUOTE
Wardrobe and StylistStylist: Shopping and fitting and organizing of wardrobe for your shoot.$1,500
Wardrobe budget: $1,000 per person
(Note: returns will be made and will be applied to final bill)
$1,000 per talent
Additional Hours on StageIf you go over your time allotted on the film stage or on a location shoot, which it NOT due to the production crew, there is an additional charge of $750 per hour.$750 per hour
Additional Post Production daysIf you would like to add additional days to post for you would like to move into a different direction, or add something to the current production plan.$750 per day
Script WritingAll of our script writers are professional Television writers, with credits such as: Third Watch, Friends, Girlfriends, My Wife and Kids to name a few. We also have technical and copywriters on hand for advertisements and commercials.$150 per hour
Talent CoachingOur directors are available to coach your talent, if you are using someone from the office or a non-professional host. We strongly recommend this to prohibit overage costs on the stage.$100 per hour
Casting SessionIf professional non-union talent is needed for your video, we will hold a casting session and digitally deliver our top 10 picks for you to choose from.$1,000
TalentNon-union talent, per day depending on what is needed.$250-$400
Teleprompter$2,000 per day (if we have other clients that need a teleprompter on the day of your shoot we will arrange and schedule for you. $750 per day)$750 or $2,000
Property MasterIf special props need to be made or purchased and you want the use of a property master the fee is $750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees.
$750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees
$750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees
AnimationOur team can offer you top professional animation services.GET A QUOTE
Aerial Photography/Go Pro Style/Car photographyWe have many affiliations and alliances for the best services in Aerial Photography/Go Pro Style/Car photography.GET A QUOTE


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.