Based in Los Angeles, Capozzi Productions has the capacity to produce irresistible video assets for a wide range of needs. Every shoot is managed with a singular attention to detail. Expect the highest level of professionalism, and a final product that engages and resonates with the target audience.

Basic Video Production Services

We listen to our clients, and in answer, we have developed a basic video production service to move a project forward at a more reasonable cost. To keep expenses low, we have developed a process in which each client shares the video crew and stage, including director, director of photography, hair, and make-up. Our meticulous time management and carefully planned production schedule allows us to cut the cost to the customer by about 50 percent. Find out more.

Premium Video Production Services

Our premium video production services go above and beyond the expected. Every point is strategically designed so that the final product boosts your brand, and supports your current marketing and sales initiatives. Expect the ultimate in concierge-style service, a collaborative creative process, and continuous assistance from our highly-skilled, talented team. Read more.


It is estimated that you have only about four seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer. Your video project must attract, entertain, and inspire action. Video is the ultimate storytelling tool, and is singularly effective in increasing conversions. Your marketing video is developed specifically to motivate, and ultimately to generate leads. Talk to us about our marketing video production services. Read more.

Digital Media

At Capozzi Productions, we focus on the future outcome when creating a strategy for our client’s digital media video assets. The digital media market is a complex, interconnected communication network, and our professional team is one of only a handful of Los Angeles video production companies with the skill to create a comprehensive digital media strategy, and content assets with “legs.” Read more.

Branded Content

In the past, corporations counted upon traditional marketing plans to reach potential customers. The landscape of marketing has made a significant shift from this costly form of advertising, and onto branded content – corporate-sponsored web series that engage, amuse, and spark shares. Read more.


Whether you need a short, compelling product “sizzle” to use at trade shows, pitch meetings, conventions, or in a direct mail program, or a commercial for TV or internet play, our rich background in TV and feature films gives us the production skills and insight to create commercials that draw in and speak to your audience on an emotional level. Read more.

Corporate Video Production

Our Los Angeles video production team creates corporate videos that entertain and inform. We are frequently called upon to create video assets for our corporate clients for a range of purposes. The training videos, corporate marketing videos, recruitment videos, and other corporate video assets we produce, in any genre, are managed like a feature film production – with attention on every detail. The end result is dynamic, engrossing, and produced with impeccable quality. Read more.

PSA Production in Los Angeles

Make your good works known with PSAs that inspire. At Capozzi Productions, we can help you reach the people who matter to your group, and move them to take action and support your cause. Read more.


More about Our Packages

Social Lift-off

Social media videos raise your online profile, and fortify your brand recognition. Our experience in this medium has given us deep insight into how to create powerful social media video products that captivate attention, driving your message directly to the heart of your target market.

Rocket Launch

Social media videos raise your online profile, and fortify your brand recognition. Our experience in this medium has given us deep insight into how to create powerful social media video products that captivate attention, driving your message directly to the heart of your target market.

Jet Stream

Our best value program, the Jet Stream Program includes both the Social Lift-Off and Rocket Launch services, as well as three variations of your General or Explainer Video, each developed specifically for use on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These videos are professionally shot on a sound stage, and the package includes a graphics/animation package of your logo -- and text, if needed – to support your brand or message.

*All packages can be based on time rather than the type or amount of products delivered.


Location ShootOur crew comes to your location and films *B-roll footage, for inserts or the entire shoot at your business location. (*B-roll is additional footage of appropriate content to insert into what was shot at the stage to enhance and tell your story.)

*Package price applies + plus permit fee, if needed.
MusicQuote based on project, original music vs stock music. Costs vary.GET A QUOTE
Voice Over$100 - $400 per hour depending on projectGET A QUOTE
Wardrobe and StylistStylist: Shopping and fitting and organizing of wardrobe for your shoot.$1,500
Wardrobe budget: $1,000 per person
(Note: returns will be made and will be applied to final bill)
$1,000 per talent
Additional Hours on StageIf you go over your time allotted on the film stage or on a location shoot, which it NOT due to the production crew, there is an additional charge of $750 per hour.$750 per hour
Additional Post Production daysIf you would like to add additional days to post for you would like to move into a different direction, or add something to the current production plan.$750 per day
Script WritingAll of our script writers are professional Television writers, with credits such as: Third Watch, Friends, Girlfriends, My Wife and Kids to name a few. We also have technical and copywriters on hand for advertisements and commercials.$150 per hour
Talent CoachingOur directors are available to coach your talent, if you are using someone from the office or a non-professional host. We strongly recommend this to prohibit overage costs on the stage.$100 per hour
Casting SessionIf professional non-union talent is needed for your video, we will hold a casting session and digitally deliver our top 10 picks for you to choose from.$1,000
TalentNon-union talent, per day depending on what is needed.$250-$400
Teleprompter$2,000 per day (if we have other clients that need a teleprompter on the day of your shoot we will arrange and schedule for you. $750 per day)$750 or $2,000
Property MasterIf special props need to be made or purchased and you want the use of a property master the fee is $750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees.
$750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees
$750 per day plus materials and prop rental fees
AnimationOur team can offer you top professional animation services.GET A QUOTE
Aerial Photography/Go Pro Style/Car photographyWe have many affiliations and alliances for the best services in Aerial Photography/Go Pro Style/Car photography.GET A QUOTE


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.