Many of my friends, whom are in either Marketing or PR, along with professional peers, have stated that I am smart to have a video content company. I completely agree with them since it’s a rewarding field, but I wanted to understand why they thought so. “It’s about good entertaining content, to get the word out there”. One friend and Marketing executive said. And went on and referred to Levi’s Go forth Campaign: “Ready to Work”, and Sapphire Gin’s Film contest which awarded one of the contestants a BAFTA award for Best Short Film.

There is no better way for a corporate leader or business owner to push their brand than under the guise of entertainment. We have been told many times that blatant product placement is a No-No, and that younger generations want it to be ‘organic;’ a ‘word of mouth’ campaign.  Agencies desperately trying to hold on to their market, sold the idea that you can create a Word of Mouth campaign. But these scripted testimonials weren’t honest, and seemed more like an infomercial endorsement.

So how do you create a ‘Word of Mouth’ campaign that can do the trick, well, you create entertaining content that your audience will not only watch over and over, but will share it. It is the sharing of the Content that becomes the ‘Word of Mouth’ campaign, more views, more talked about equals more awareness of your company’s brand.

Here is a successful creative branding campaign, this was created by a company that we have worked with their key executives.

American Greeting Cards, “Mothers Day” the toughest job:

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