We are approached by all sorts of companies and industries to create content for them, and recently I’ve observed a sort of ‘out of sequence’ approach. Meaning clients are willing to spend thousands on video content, but haven’t really honed in on their message, especially one that truly targets their audience.

This approach of throwing video content against the wall and hope it goes viral is a bit of a pipe dream, that may have been the early days of social media, but most ‘viral’ campaigns have major Ad dollars pushing that video on the net as well as a strategic marketing plan. The plan is made up of market research and then strategic campaigns this helps a company determine their BRAND awareness and how to target the correct demographic.

Without this, to make video content is a shot in the dark and could be summed up to wasted efforts.

We help our clients with this process if they don’t have their marketing plan in place. Below are some questions we ask to help our clients determine the most successful campaign.

If you haven’t been able to have your Brand fully realized, check out the questions below to give some direction.

Brand Awareness:

  1. What do you know about your consumer?
  2. What has been your most successful message?
  3. What are the top three aspects of your product that closes a consumer?
  4. Have you ever surveyed your public? What did you find out?
  5. Where is your public? Social media? Website? Television?
  6. Who are you trying to influence?
  7. Where do most of your sales come from?
Jenna Capozzi - CEO/Executive Producer
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