As one of the most prolific video production companies in Los Angeles, we can help you by answering some frequently asked questions.

checkmarkNow that I have my video created, what do I do with it?

Capozzi Productions is partnered with different companies for marketing, social media and PR agencies that can help push your video out to the public. In-house we offer basic social media posting and engagement services. The pricing is dependent on what is needed. Average $500-$800 per month.

How quickly can my video be completed?checkmark

Average time it takes to, create a video from the first idea to the final edit is about 10-14 days.  It really depends on your project but your assigned producer can go over all of those details.

We also offer rush services and can deliver a video within 3 days if needed. There is an extra cost for rush.

checkmarkWill I need to write the script for my video and come up with the idea?

Our clients can start at any part of the production pipeline.

We have some clients that have a completed script and idea and just need production and editorial services.

But most of our clients know they need video content but are unsure about what to do. Therefore we start at the beginning of the process. We understand our client’s objective, we research their industry and come up with the best creative approach for their video content and then execute it.

checkmarkHow do I get more than one video for we need lots of content, it seems cost prohibitive.

We believe it is a waste to spend money on just one video, when all you need is great planning to shoot many videos at one film shoot.  And this is our strength, create many videos for our clients from a single shoot.

It is our extensive episodic television background that has lend itself to this talent. In episodic television you have to think about the future and what will be needed in the up coming episodes and we accomplish this by great planning.


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