Since 2007, Capozzi Productions have taken pride in delivering high quality video content to our clients. In 2010 we also undertook the challenging task of gearing towards the younger generation by producing 35 sizzle spots and 5 national commercials for the toy conglomerate Mattel; for such popular brands as, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Disney/Pixar, Monster High and Polly Pocket.

Prolific Video Production

Following up our success with Mattel, we created over 6000 videos for the very popular Chalk Preschool, visualizing their curriculum in order to reach those who weren’t fortunate to live near a brick and mortar school. For Chalk, we not only made their successful program visible on line, but we also created original stories, education programs, children’s educational talk-shows, animation and artwork, original music, but also a completely original web-series called CHALKlets; gearing towards not only educating children, but also finding a way to entertain.

When Chalk Preschool partnered up with My Gym, Capozzi Productions then created 36 original shows for My Gym to put on their member website.

This is only the beginning since we have found that creating educational and entertaining content for children is very important, and rewarding.


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