At Capozzi Productions, we don’t just shoot video – we create a strategy for the future so your video takes on a life of its own. As one of the most prolific Los Angeles production companies around, we have produced more than 8,500 projects, including commercials, digital media, marketing videos, branded content, and corporate videos, all since 2007. Our approach to video production involves exquisite attention to detail, concierge-style service, and a streamlined process that allows us to create work that stands out heads above the rest in quality.

Capozzi Productions are Winners of a 2018 Gold Telly Award for Best Promotional Video.


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Digital Media

At Capozzi Productions, we approach creating digital media with a fresh point of view. Your digital media product has an end-goal, and we consider this throughout the entire process. Your digital media product must captivate, attract, and communicate. Have a story to tell? We work to instill your concept with life and meaning so it can be shared… and shared… and shared (more on digital media)

Branded Content

We have an uncommon ability to give your brand humanity, and to reach your audience an emotional level. Who are you trying to reach? We develop branded content that motivates, connects, and stands out heads above the rest in production quality. Let us help you tell your story with branded content that performs. (more on branded content)


We are trusted by our many clients to craft commercials executed with creative vision, and the production quality necessary for visual appeal. Our Los Angeles video production company brings extensive experience in the movie and film industry to the table, so it’s only natural that our commercials not only sell your product, they are also works of art in their own right. (more on commercial production)


Quality corporate video productions begin with a concept and direction, whether the subject is investment, employee training, increasing the numbers of new customers, or promoting new products or services. Our Los Angeles corporate video production team will work in close collaboration with you to create video assets that stand the test of time. (more on corporate video production)

Social Media

We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture significant moments and events for posting on social media to enrich the profile of your project, corporation, or event. Every detail of social media video production is handled with the highest level of professional skill, with an end product that is not “just a video” – it is an event in itself. (read more on social media)


As a group of professionals that care about the quality of life on our planet, we take great pride in creating public service announcements for charitable groups across the nation. The world needs to know what you do – and we will work closely with you to create a PSA that tells your story in a manner that resonates with the public. What you do matters — and we can help you share your vision on a broader scale. (read more on PSA production)



As one of the best production companies in Los Angeles, we understand that quality video production is only possible with close attention to every detail. Our hard-won production skills gained in the industry are applied to every project we take on. Every detail is fully mapped out, and nothing is left to chance. We cut production costs through coordinating shared client video shoots, passing on significant savings. As a Los Angeles video production company, even the weather is under control.

Our goal is to create work that captures the eye of the beholder and resonates emotionally. Talk to us, and discover how our unique processes, detailed approach, and professional video production team can make a difference.


Reach out and talk to us – we want to hear from you. Need a quote? Ready to get your project in motion? We are here to help. To get started, contact us any time.